Meet Vince

Vince Leibowitz

Vince Leibowitz is a longtime writer, Texas historian, and political strategist.

He currently serves as a Chief of Staff in the Texas House of Representatives.

Vince’s first book, “A Solemn Hour for Texans Everywhere: How News of D-Day Came to Texas,” is available from Annex Publishing and on Amazon.

Vince’s work has been recognized across numerous disciplines. He is the 2002 inaugural recipient of the Nancy Monson Award for excellence in open government reporting from the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas and the Texas Press Association. Additionally, he was named a “Campaign Tech Innovator,” by Campaigns and Elections Magazine in 2011. Vince was also awarded the Willis Webb Journalist of the Year award from the South Texas Press Association in 2019.

In addition to his historical research and writing, Vince has served in senior capacities for seven statewide political campaigns in Texas, and has worked as a consultant on more than 35 campaigns in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and New York. His previous clients include Farouk Shami, Hank Gilbert, and Royce West.


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